Final Meeting

On 27 February 24, the LAILA Consortium met on Aveiro, Portugal. Hosted by AEVA, the meeting proved to be a great mixture of result-driven discussions, field trips and opportunities to grow as a team. The final meeting commenced with a warm welcome by Ms. Anna Ribeiro at the headquarter of AEVA. After receiving a common overview- by LP, Ms. Costalonga of the on the job learning tool and the final steps, that need to be addressed to usability and, ultimately, sustainability after the project’s completion.


#ErasmusDay23 Event for LAILA

Organised last 12 October into the Castle SAN Francesco in Conegliano.

1st Transnational Meeting in Treviso, Italy

LAILA had its first transnational partner meeting in Treviso, Italy on the 8 & 9 June 2022. The meeting took place in a hybrid setting, at the H-FARM Campus in Roncade. The Campus, which offers business services, startup innovation and education, is a unique innovation pole, and was the ideal space for LAILA. Partners were able to exchange ideas and knowledge and discuss next steps on the project.

Emotional Intelligence In Sport


In 1990 Salovey and Mayer defined it as the learned ability to perceive, understand, express and manage emotions so that they work for us and not against us. Salovey and Mayer further stated that possessors of this ability would be able to:

  • Recognize and be able to name their emotions;
  • Produce emotions that facilitate thinking;
  • Understand their own emotional changes;
  • Know how to control both positive and negative emotions.

Emotional competence can be enhanced in different places of the subject’s life: home, school/work, sports environment. In the latter area, emotional intelligence is gaining more and more importance day by day.

Good Practice Sharing Event -LAILA

Conducted by AEVA on 27 March 2023, the purpose of this event was to share the Good Practice of LAILA project.

The event was conducted by AEVA at the 27th of March 2023 and 32 people attended it.

Ana Ribeiro, Citizens Projects executive director, presented the project, it’s context, and the good practice. At the end there was time for questions and participation of the public.

14 teachers from EPA also participated at the multiplier event. This participation will exploit the sustainability of the project in EPA school.

23 organisations, including EPA, were present at the event. The majority of the organisations that participated in the multiplier event were related to education.

Webinar cycle: Emotional Intelligence and Well Being

GARAPEN organized in March 2023 a cycle of webinars to talk about emotional intelligence and well being.

We have 2 experts in emotional intelligence and they talked about how to aply the emotional intelligence, self knowledge, our skills and abilities, mindfullness, emotional intelligence test,…

The pillars of well being; nutrition, do sports, the importance of nature, to sleep well, how we relate, ou breathing…

172 people took part in the 5 webinars and the cycle was very well valorated.

EfVET 2023 Rhodes, Greece

LAILA project was disseminated at EfVET 2023, on 27th October, during the Round Tables and the ‘Market Place’. This annual conference brought together stakeholders who could shed light on a joint approach (employers/training providers) which would mitigate the gap between the provision of skills and the skills needs in the labour market. Leadership skills are some of the skills employers are looking for at current times.


2nd Transnational Meeting in Bilbao, Spain

The 2nd  transnational project meeting of the LAILA project has taken place in BILBAO, last  22 November 22. It was hosted by GARAPEN, together with project partners CSA, AEVA, and H-Farm. The partner focused on planning the next steps for successful implementation and coordination purposes, exchange of ideas and good practices to implement moving forwards. The next transnational meeting will take place in SAN VENDEMIANO, Treviso, on MAY 26th 2023, and will be organized and hosted by CSA Impresa Sociale.

Conference in Urbino, Italy

The LAILA Project – Leadership for educational innovation was presented at ITIS E. Mattei, in Urbino, Italy, in the Conference “Internationalisation of the Territory and the Erasmus + Programme”, held on 28 November 2022. Teachers from several schools of the Pesaro region attended the event and at the end there was time for debate and clarification of questions.

3rd Transnational Meeting in Conegliano, Italy

The LAILA project partnership met in Conegliano, Italy, to discuss the last tasks of the project. 

Until the meeting in Aveiro, which will take place next December, the partnership will work on the development of a learning model on leadership and emotional intelligence as well as a policy recommendation for the inclusion of a Micro Credentials approach course on this topic in the adult training sector. 

Before that, the partners will also test this course with employers and/or (potential) entrepreneurs.

Sarekin Week

In december 2022 GARAPEN participated in “Sarekin week”, a week event with a lot of webinars related to entrepreneurship. GARAPEN presented LAILA Project and an expert of emotional intelligence talked about it.

156 people took part in this webinar.

Dissemination Event in Aveiro

Another dissemination event of the LAILA project was held on 20th July in the auditorium Eng. Victor Matos, AEVA, in Aveiro. The aim was to inform the participants about the objectives, activities, challenges and opportunities of this project that aims to develop a training course for teachers, educators and entrepreneurs, based on emotional intelligence, which will also allow them to make the best use of digital tools, and be innovative leaders, anticipating the needs of the labour market. There was also time for sharing good practices!

Project nº: 2021-2-IT02-KA210-ADU-000049167

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